Guys and Dolls Dance Studio; Jamestown NY 14701

"It is a story about family, love, commitment, talent, passion, and perseverance..."
It is a story about Guys and Dolls Dance Studio, A story about Laura Marie Cimino.
Laura Cimino (March 1968 - June 2021)

Locally owned and operated by Laura Cimino, Guys and Dolls Dance Studio was founded in 1960 by Laura's wonderful mother, Naomi. A legend in her own right, Naomi's legacy continued through her daughter Laura.

The Dance Studio's original name was Prince Dance Studio. Then over time and after several moves, the studio came to be Guys and Dolls Dance Studio located in Jamestown, NY. For more information check out Naomi's Story and Laura's Story and read about this legendary studio. Laura operated the business for several years and took it to 60-years in business.

In addition to operating the Dance Studio, Laura was a singer/song writer. Her music was played on local radio stations. Her music can be heard on YouTube. Search “Laura Cimino”.

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